Feb 8, 2008


Syukur pada Allah kerana masih panjangkan usia aku..Happy 26th Birthday to me today..Many thanks to my family, my very special bfriend, friends, cousins, aunts, colleagues for the wishes..May Allah bless you all..And to others who remember my birthday but just keep it to themselves, thank you too..

Got my first present from my new colleague or can I say my protégé :p “Ms Shishe”..Thank you Shishe for the present and card even it was 2 days earlier since my birthday fall on CNY holiday ..The polar bear now sit next to me while I’m driving alone..

Nothing much I did today..Wash my car, clean up my room, iron my next week working clothes and etc.etc..No dating since he had to work but he promise to take me out when we both get free time..Tonight my mum will ‘belanja’ us at Johny’s Steamboat..Yeaa!!

Oh ya!!This month is also my car birthday..Happy 1st birthday darling..I will give you present worth RM 1000++..Tak caya?? Wait till 21st Feb nanti, I renew your Insurance and roadtax..It is so expensive even my birthday present didn’t reach that value tau..Ohh..Kopak la I this month..

This is my darling..

And his brother..



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