Feb 7, 2008

Never be the same again..

Last week, I baru perasan yang this blog banyak jugak silent reader nyer..Silent reader ke if they inform you that they read the blog?? Huhu I sungguh malu!!

For you guys who read this blog, please bear in mind that this blog initially for my MBA- IT for Managers subject requirement..The lecturer needs us to maintain a blog that discuss some interesting topic to share with other students..But since the subject have completed, should I call off this blog??

But if I continue to write, my write will be more on my everyday life or what had happened to me and it will be updated once in a while ‘ikut my mood’ la..I’m not a good writer, I will not elaborate about current issues and I guess this blog will not help you in any ways and will just waste your time..I have warn you but if you all continue reading, I appreaciate very much and love you all..



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