Dec 30, 2007

Moving forward to be PRO..

Thanks to mama and abah for the new toy..We (have to share la kann) got the DLSR camera from FotoFlash Jusco Alpha Angel..


2-3 days after got that camera, me and my bro and crazily taking pictures nonstop.

First model

Second model


Model dah bengang asik kena flash jer..Huhu

But last week,my bro further study at UITM Shah Alam and me busy with assignments so the pictures taking activities have to stop for a while..

Nilah keje kitorang 2 thn sekali takpun sethn sekali sure ada acara angkat2 barang

Babai!!Study hard!!UITM Law stud..

Haha!!Padam muka..Neo lu kat umah tu beta yang punya!!

muka photographer takde coz tak bwk tripod!!cess

Have finished reading the manual so after this would be practice,practice and practice..need to build the skills..



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