Dec 13, 2007

Hot Spring!!


Quite busy this week with assignment and office works..But do i crack under pressure??Haha sometimes (or always: p)

Last Tuesday was Sultan Selangor birthday so we (me and sis)Selangorians got one public holiday. Abah's initial plan is to take us to PD to be exact Tiara Beach but since we are not spending night at the hotel so we can't use the swimming pool ..

Then, changed our plan to Sg Klah Hot Spring..

Left KL about 10 am to Sungkai,Perak. It just about 1 and half hours journey..

Enjoy the pics dude!!

Sotong KURITA!!belakang tu banjaran Titiwangsa..

Mountain water Pool!!Pool ni bukan air panas tapi air gunung..Sejuk terlampau

Sini baru pool air panas..Actually byk lagik pool hot spring termasukla area untuk rebus telur..

Nak balik dah..



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