Jun 15, 2009

The adventureous side of me..

Last week ada ter'menonton' Tv show nih..kalu tak silap 'Xandria Discovery Adventure'..Pastu ada slot si Xandria nih kat Taman Pertanian Malaysia previously known Bukit Cerakah..

Best gak eh kalu sekali sekala flying fox, canopy walking etc..dah lama tak ber'adventure'..last time dulu masa kat secondary school..

So seperti biasa, saya pun paksa en suami saya join sekali..takkan la nak gedik kat sana sorang² plak kan..sapa yg nak join??jomm!!!ramai²...
Big Thrill
This circuit consists of 23 thrilling challenges with various level of difficulty raging from
“easy“ to “very difficult“. With some of the platforms reaching the height of 17 meters, feel the adrenaline while crossing the “Crazy Zig-Zag“ and flying on the “Sky-crawl“ at the Bermuda Triangle. Hold your breath while crossing “The Earthquake“, test your ability to leap at the “Happy Hopper“ and end the adventure with the grand finale, the 100 meters “Wild Revenge“ which will take you to the finishing platform at an exhilarating speed.

Time to complete: 1.5 hours to 2 hours
Minimum height requirement:
1.4 m

Maximum weight: 100 kg



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