Nov 18, 2008

6 days more to go.. not 6 days more to get married but its 6 days more to come to work and i'll be on a long leave..yeah yeah..and we'll see what gonna happen after stay or to go away after a few months..boleh kan En Bogus??

En. Bogus surprised me during lunch today that make me smile even just before that I almost cry to him due to some reason..because of my work of course..But, many thanks to En Bogus sbb menceriakan hari saya..yeah yeah again..

And to my boss, I'm sorry kalau saya buat endah tak endah jer dgn bos yekk..Saya dah tak boleh terima any workload lagi dah sekarang..Anggap la saya dah takde kat ofis tu..




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