Jul 20, 2008

2days pass ticket

So this week me and fiance went to Kursus PraPerkahwinan at Setiawangsa. As expected mmg la boring kursus tu tapi byk yg dpat belajar dari ceramah ustaz and ustazah..Ada 4 ustaz yg ceramah different topics and yg paling best is Ustaz Abdullah..Klakar tak hengat..Mmg la kelakar kan kalau dah semua lawaknye psal xxx..huhu..yg paling tension plak time Ustazah Wan..Semua org disoalnya..semua berdebar je tunggu masa nak kena panggil jwb soalan..11/2 hari so next week dah bleh pegi amik sijil and boleh proses borang apa2 yg perlu..

On Saturday morning before pegi Kursus tu i ada pegi *e*l walk in interview..Sajer je temankan cik abg even i drove from Wangsa Melawati and he came with his friend from SK..We meet at the hotel..The first choice of post yg i pilih kena reject sbb i takde cert aper kebenda ntah so i pick the second choice..Well, i've passed the test and from 5, 2 people je yg pass..Hehe mcm terer je tapi soalan kacang je bende yg buat setiap hari kat current company..Then proceed with interview with 1 chinese lady, 1 indian guy and Mr Rob the mat saleh..They asked about my current job and i bla bla bla to them and thats it..In 2 weeks if I pass they will call..So guys, what do you think, should i move on with newly reorganized current company or should now the best time to change career??

Still Out..



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