Oct 27, 2007

Know Me

As for the first entry..Let me introduce myself..Borned as first child to Mr Shariffuddin and Mdm. Zaharah..My parents are my backbone, my heart and soul..Thank you mama and abah for giving me chance to explore this world on my own way..And the 'orang suruhan' both are my sister and brother..Sis now working as chemist at CCM but she still trying to get other job , tanak sakit katanya when playing with chemicals everyday. And bro is a law student inUITM Shah Alam.

Me?? people can call me Amal..Borned in 1982..To be exact 8th February 1982, so my birthday would be '8282' nice combination rite?? Don't forget ya!! Attended primary school in Sekolah Kebangsaan Anak2 Angkatan Tentera in Kedah..To be exact at Tok Jalai somewhere in Kedah..It is in army camp and most of the student have army dad..but my dad not an army..HUHU..Then further study in Sekolah Menengah Sains Sultan Mohamad Jiwa..The school or my home for 5 wonderful years..School that taught me how to become human and school that brought me to where i am now.. Graduated from MMU in engineering via TM scholarship and then now i am attached to TM doing what i do not love the most..HAHAHA..To cure the boredom, I continue study in UUM taking MBA as backup plan.My future plan??I only have 1 year plan ahead in my live and rite now I just go with the flow..That is what i call MY OWN WAY!!

That's all dude..



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